Chris Snoyer is sprucing up the restaurant biz

He's had the entrepreneur bug since he was young and now, Chris runs a startup in Toronto. What's his salary? About zero – at least for now. Watch his interview.

Andrew Packer doesn't see his job as a job

He's a comedian who runs the Jokes N Tokes Comedy Showcase in Toronto on the first Thursday of every month. How did he get here from his finance degree? We ask him what he loves about doing comedy, how he got here and, politely, how much he makes a month. Watch his interview.


does alexis wagner have the

best job ever?

She invents new recipes for seasonal Mill Street brews as a Brewmaster's Assistant, but she puts down the hops to talk to us about how she ended up in the beer-making world. Watch her interview.




A former hockey player makes a living off his paintings

Toronto-based artist Mike Wills, of Michael Wills Art, says the 3 a.m. late nights are worth it when he gets to pursue his creative passion. We followed him around his studio to learn more about when he made the leap from one career to another. Watch his interview.

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